Saturday, March 22, 2014

Should I buy youtube views?

20 videos and 8 subs

Well every youtube channel starts small but seeing such figures is of course a bit frustrating.
Especially after you made all the effort to produce high quality videos, edit, render and upload them to your channel and then realize that no one appreciates it, simply because no one sees your videos.
Thats not a big surprise because youtube now has over 1 billion users per month and is the third most visited site on the world so how should they notice your new channel?
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So naturally after some time you ask yourself:
Should I buy youtube views?
Isn't that like cheating the system?
No it's not it's just adapting the new rules and methods to be successfull in Youtube.
I myself tried to become more popular in youtube through buying views and it really helped.
My videos had a higher click count so people where more likely to click on them also the bought clicks increased their rank in the youtube and in the google search engine so they could be found by more people so my audience started to grow really fast.
But you have to be careful which seller you are willing to trust.
A lot of them will try to scam you and won't do anything but take your money.
After some research I found a reliable seller you can find him here .
If you are still unsure if you should buy youtube views or not listen to me and just give it a try it could really be the turning point in your youtube career.
I strongly encourage you to buy youtube views from my trusted seller Youtube Solutions and if you do so please send them an email and say Marius send you there ;)
This is in my opinion the only way to get your channel to grow like this.
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